Sensory cocktail party

Brands event

Client : RPCA agency for Rogé Cavaillès | Place : Paris | Catering : Chloé cuisine en vert |

The request :
The french cosmetics brand “Rogé Cavaillès ” is launching three new products, and want to propose a gourmet and sensorial experience for a press and blogger’s day.

Miit studio’s answer :
An interactive and tasty experience that stimulates the senses.

Bloggers and journalists were invited to garnish shortbread with some savorous creams in reference to the new shower gels texture.




Guests also enjoyed gazpachos of the same colors as the shower gels, which left appear dermatological advice.



Guests were able to flavor some appetizers with avocado oil, toasted almond oil or argan oil, wich are in one of the new Rogé Cavaillès product.



To highlight the intense scents of new shower gels exhaling fragrance of citrus and flowers , guests were invited to flavour cakes with flowers and citrus essential oils.






Photos : © Jennifer Sath

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