PLAY ! Varnishing

Cultural event

Client : Cite de le Mode et du Design | Place : Paris |

The demand :
For the press preview and the varnishing of summer PLAY ! at la Cité de la mode et du design, until August 21st, 2016, design, realize and animate a custom-made cocktail party regarding play’s theme.

This exhibition presents about fifteen interactive installations for the greater part, artists, brands, video directors, designers, photographers on the theme of the game, within the heart of creative practices.

Miit Studio’s answer :
The guests are invited to participate in several culinary animations regarding the game theme. Four playful, creative and colored animations to give smile to each others.

Rainy Games :
A distribution of meringues colored in the shape of clouds. The guests are invited to recognize the taste. Meringues are arranged in a transparent umbrella where everyone can use.


Essai encore: Using a straw, and without hands, the guests were invited to” slurp ” the gazpacho of their choice.



Les Ptit’s Bateaux : Des piscines de popcorn dans lesquelles les invités vont pouvoir venir piocher et se servir avec des petits bateaux en papier.


Biscuit Painting : Un dispositif mobile dans lequel les participants sont invités à agrémenter des biscuits à l’aide de peintures comestibles.



The Water of Saint-Géron

Christmas workshop


Christmas workshop