Paulette’s house

Brands event

Client : RPCA Agency for Paulette | Place : Paris | Catering : La Mana |

The request :
To design a cocktail party in connection with the funny and unconventional universe of a new brand of cleaning products called Paulette.

Miit studio’s answer :
An interactive and playful experience divided into four areas. Each area is focused on one category of products offered by the brand, namely: household alcohol, household vinegar, Marseille soap and black soap.

Household alcohol: a detox cocktail made with champagne and apple juice to sip directly into the apple. An authentic recipe of Grandma Paulette !


Household vinegar: a salad bar presented in old earthenware crockery. Salads can be seasoned with lemon and raspberry vinaigrette in a nod to the scent of the cleaning products.


Marseille soap: pans-bagnats (sandwiches that are a southern France specialty) to stencil with edible spray-paint can.


Black soap: coulis tasks directly on the tablecloth to clean with cubes of chocolate sponge cake.


Photos : © Miit Studio

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