Our Competence

We put our competence at the disposition of the food industry imagining product solutions and services both pertinent and innovative. We bring a fresh view to problems within the food industry ( health, nutrition, ecology, changing animal behavior etc.) with the aim of providing new perspective and singular position.

Our Approach

We rethink eating habits whilst considering the consumers identity, the contents of his plate and his environment. Our intervention, taking into consideration the questions of taste, use and form, applies both to the container and the contents and takes into account all the stages of production from the seed to the dish.

Our Clients

- Industrialists : We will give you a package of creative ideas and solutions on a specific theme for future innovation.
- Institutional catering companies : We can provide solutions to health and safety issues whilst taking into account the constraints of the work place.
- Independent trades-people : Whilst maintaining its essence we can take a traditional product and modernize it, giving it value and originality.

Our Intervention

We can transform small dishes into grander spreads to please you. We can intervene at the beginning of a project to inject new inspiration but also follow its progress until its finalization in accord with the technical and marketing teams.
Miit is the finest recipe.